With social distancing a top priority, it’s the perfect time for weekend projects while chilling inside your
TriVista apartment. And what better to do than complete a full apartment transformation right in time for
the start of the fall season? As you put in the time to decorate your upscale apartments, you can get
ready for all the fun that autumn brings. If you’re ready to get started, just use this guide for some great

Improve Your Storage

When you have a dedicated place for every last one of your things, you can let what really matters stand
out. To accomplish that goal, you need to up your storage game by upgrading to furniture that does it all.

On the market today, you can find couches with storage in their seats plus chairs, footstools, and tables
that open up in an instant. They are great for holding your extra blankets, board games, and other items
you don’t want cluttering up your living space.

Also, increase the efficiency of the storage you already have with drawer dividers and bins for your
shelves. Then, assign a place for every item in your home and commit to putting each thing back after
you use it.

Update Your Linens

The fall brings colder temperatures and even a few storms, so make sure to get ready with an upgrade of
all your linens. You can beef up your throw blankets by switching out your lighter-weight throws for wool
and fleece. Don’t forget to change out the quilts and comforters on your bed as well.

Upgrade to plush towels for the bathroom and even update the rugs in that space to make it as cozy as
possible. You will appreciate the luxe linens when it comes time to warm up after coming in from the

Invest In Some New Artwork
Brand new artwork has an uncanny way of transforming the look and feel of your living space. You just
have to swap out your paintings and pictures for different ones a few times a year for a quick update.

In at least one room, go for fall landscapes filled with the warm hues of changing leaves for an autumn
kick. Otherwise, just go with whatever sparks your interest and surround yourself with all the things you

You can find new artwork from artists across the globe by looking on Etsy or social media marketplaces.
Also, ask around your local community groups to find local artists who can paint you a Downtown Denver
inspired scene.

While reworking the interior design at your apartments at TriVista, make sure to take some time off to
relax and recharge. Thanks to our luxury apartment community’s ideal location, you can head out to
Civic Center Park for a walk or check out the cute stores, coffee shops and restaurants the area has to
offer. If you prefer to stay closer to home, then come on down to enjoy the onsite luxury amenities – Just
be sure to follow our amenity scheduling protocol! You can kick back with a drink on the sky deck, enjoy
a game of pool with a friend, or just chill at the poolside lounge & spa.