The challenges of COVID-19 affect all of us differently. One of the most common challenges that office workers face is the sudden rush to work from home. While many downtown Denver residents are enjoying the newfound freedom and the lack of commute, working from home is not without its challenges.

From all of us here at TriVista on Speer, check out some of our favorite tips for setting up a functional and comfortable home office in your apartment.

Prioritize Privacy

If you share your apartment with roommates or family, the top priority in setting up your home office is privacy. The dream of kicking your feet up on the couch, laptop on your lap, might sound nice. But after about 30 minutes, your back starts to get sore. And the other people in your life start to want the couch back!

Find a space, even a small one, that’s away from the noise and distraction of others (if at all possible).

Commandeer a Closet

Does your apartment have more closet than you have clothes? Walk-in closets can easily convert into a great small home office, if you can make do without the space. There are some great advantages to converting a walk-in closet to an office, like the way you can simply shut the door on work at the end of the day.

You might want to invest in some additional lamps for adequate lighting, as closets don’t get any natural light.

Create an Office/Bedroom Combination

Most apartment residents don’t have a spare room they can turn into an office like the suburbanites might. If you’re sharing a two-bedroom unit with a roommate (one in each bedroom), consider creating an office/bedroom combination. Put your bedside table in storage, slide your bed a little more toward one wall or the other, and create an area suitable for a small desk and chair.

It may not be an ideal long-term situation, but going this route allows two roommates to both work from home without interfering in each other’s spaces. It offers good privacy at the expense of having distinct spaces for work and home life. And it may not be the best choice if you’re sharing a bedroom with a spouse or significant other.

Claim a Corner of the Living Room

If nothing else works, our final recommendation is setting aside some space in the living room. Try to choose a corner or space under a window, and you’ll probably want to position yourself away from the TV. 

Pro tip: when sharing workspace with roommates, be sure to invest in some quality noise-canceling headphones.

Finding the Right Living Space Is Essential

Depending on your work style and living situation, we hope one of these ideas provides a solid solution for your new work-at-home needs.

Above all, the key to making work-from-home a success when living in an apartment community is finding the right living space. If you’re looking for an unparalleled luxury apartment experience in downtown Denver, TriVista on Speer is a community to consider. TriVista is flush with amenities perfect for the at-home worker, like inspiring mountain and city views, an expansive two-story fitness facility, and even live/work townhomes.

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